Top 10 Best 5 Channel Amp for the Money Reviews and Buying Guide [2021]

Your presence on this website shows that you’re searching for the best 5 channel amp for the money?

The best 5-channel amplifier is used to redesign a full vehicle sound system without paying excessively. It saves space, money and time. As per our opinion, it is the best investment.

The 5-channel amps are incredible because they will be able to run your whole system and deliver great quality of sound and volume. Of course, that incorporates your back and front set of speakers in addition to a subwoofer. This simply makes your vehicle sound system that a lot simpler to install. 

It is very confusing to select the best one because lots of the best 5-channel amplifiers are available in the marketplace. So, in this article, our team has explained the top 10 best 5 channel amp for the money with their key features, pros and cons so that you will be able to purchase the best one for your car.

Different types of 5 channel Amplifiers

Today’s car amplifiers can be categorized as one of two classes. They’re specifically made to output signals for driving the speakers. These 2 kinds of amplifiers are slightly unique with regards to how they work inside. 

Class A/B 

The class A/B amps are common that has been around business for a long time. The A/B amps give a great quality of sound and efficiency through utilizing the top characteristics from both class-A and class-B amplifiers. The car amplifier has depended on this kind of technology for quite a long time. 

A few amps keep on utilizing exclusively class-A or Class-B technology rather than the combination of both. A more affordable model will be class A/B; although, this isn’t uncommon on extra costly amplifiers.

Class D

Class-D is a more up to date technology that takes an input sound signal from HU and drives a route that rapidly turns on the power transistor for producing a waveform. It results in a smaller, lighter and amazingly efficient amplifier. The Class-D amplifiers work cooler than different amplifiers and numerous are less expensive since they do not need aluminium heatsinks.  

Below-Mentioned Re Top 10 Best 5 Channel Amp for the Money

10. Rockville dB55 5-Channel Amplifier

The Rockville dB55 is the best 5 channel amplifier available at a reasonable price. This amplifier brings lots of sound power to your car. Its RMS power is 240-Watts for 4-Channels + 1000-Watts for the bass channel. Thinking about the value of the output is much more than anyone would expect.

It is particularly true with 4000-Watts of peak power, half of that is assigned for a sub. It has a completely adjustable 12-dB bass equalizer. No distortion, clean sound. This amplifier is secured by the MOSFET power supply that can be seen as the standard nowadays. The optical coupler permits you switching between Class-A/B and Class-D relying upon what type of performance is needed.      

As discuss its installation procedure that isn’t so simple. As per the opinion of the consumers of Rockville dB55 its mounting screws probably not generally fit in the car. However, it isn’t a major problem for anyone who has more energy to install it. 

Key Features

  • 5-channel amplifier
  • Peak power is 4000-Watts
  • RMS is 2000-Watts
  • The frequency response is 15 to 35 kHz
  • Sensitivity is 55-dB
  • Weight is 10.75 pounds

Pros (Why Should Buy):

The great value of your money

Great build quality 

Distortion-free music

Compact and light

Sound control is easy to understand 

Very powerful 

Cons (Why Should Avoid):

Heavier than the majority of the stackable amplifier 


09. BOSS Audio PV3700 Phantom

If you have a tight budget but still want to buy a 5-channel amplifier which produces lots of power then you should stop search and buy this Boss Audio PV3700 Phantom that has a 3700-Watts rating of peak power.

Though this BOSS Audio PV3700 is a simple to utilize and budget-friendly amplifier which can easily power large subwoofers, this is also an energy-efficient amp. This is able to run for an extensive period with a little heat. 

Therefore do not concern about overheating and you will not need to stress over upsurges because there a system is installed to trip an excessive amount of power. It is an amplifier that you will be able to get loud with truly. 

You can increase its volume with no worrying about the distortion in music. It is great to draw the big crowds to the system and have respect for people what have impacted your vehicle. 

Key Features

  • 5-channel Amplifier 
  • RMS is 225-Watts × 4 + 750-Watts × 1 at 4-ohms
  • Peak power is 3700-Watts
  • Variable Gain Control
  • Class-A/B Topology 
  • Remote Subwoofer Control
  • MOSFET Power Supply

Pros (Why Should Buy):

User-friendly and simple to install

Lesser priced than competitors

Very loud & punchy music

Very powerful amplifier

Great quality material

Cons (Why Should Avoid):

Heats up a little bit rapidly 


08. Planet Audio AC1800.5

The Planet Audio AC1800.5 has a very attractive look and a reasonable price. Its peak power is 1800-Watts and allows you for personalizing your sound as you like it so that every ride can be enjoyable. 

Its bridging capacity is outstanding when you put this amplifier to tri-mode then it permits you bridge 2 channels into a single channel. The subs get extra energy and hit harder with a lesser amount of stimulation.

Its better form of quality gets excellent performance and durability: just look at the structure of this amplifier that will report to you it is expected to win. Its durable set-screw terminals, chrome-plated connections and Nickel-plated connections get better with its quality design.

There’re a few principal causes the amplifier rated among the best 5-channel coils. Getting the best balance between sound quality and power this amplifier was made with the switchable input sensitivity.

Key Features

  • 5-channel Amplifier
  • A/B Class Amplifier
  • Peak power is 1800-Watts
  • The frequency response is 20 Hz to 20k Hz
  • Sensitivity is 102-dB
  • 420-Watts × 2 at 4-ohm bridged
  • 210-Watts × 4 + 420-Watts × 1 at 2-Ohm
  • High and low-level input
  • ANARCHY MOSFET Amplifier
  • Weight is 14.75 lbs
  • Size is 19.94-inch L × 10-inch W × 2.19-inch H

Pros (Why Should Buy):

Well-built design 

Provides great sound customization capabilities 

Trustworthy system secured features 

Fair price 

Very powerful for dedicated subwoofers

Cons (Why Should Avoid):

May overheat a bit 


07. Rockford Fosgate R600X5 Prime

The Rockford Fosgate R600X5 Prime is littler than Rockford Fosgate P1000X5 but is not lightweight. This exceptionally efficient five-channel amplifier is able to deliver RMS of 50-Watts per speaker and RMS of 300-Watts for the subwoofer. It is more than sufficient to make sure you get perceive sound over the group when everybody’s blasting out genuine tunes. 

There is additionally a low and high-pass filter for pushing your amplifier for delivering stellar working! For getting the boom-y low bass audio, simply change the EQ for reaching sub-sonic levels ensured to shake its ground. Furthermore, similar to its greater counterpart, this also remains the best sound regardless of how loud music gets.

For its cooling purpose, this amplifier has an important cast aluminium structure which draws away its heat from important hardware inside. A similar body development permits this amplifier for withstanding lots of abuse while driving. What’s more, for much more assurance, you get a short out sensor that continually monitors the output and input of the power.   

Key Features

  • 5-Channel Amplifier 
  • Class AB/D technology 
  • 50-Watts RMS × 4 @ 4-ohms + 200-Watts RMS × 1 @ 4-ohms
  • 75-Watts RMS × 4 @ 2-ohms + 300-Watts RMS × 1 @ 2-ohms
  • 150-Watts RMS × 2 bridged @ 4-ohms + 300-Watts RMS × 1 @2-ohms
  • Speaker and preamp-level inputs
  • Size is 13-1/4-inch W × 2-inch H × 7-3/8-inch D

Pros (Why Should Buy):

The dedicated subwoofer channels

Strong construction 

Auto thermal sensing 

Very easy for using controls 

Cons (Why Should Avoid):



06. JL Audio XD7005V2 5-channel amplifier

The JL Audio 5-channel amplifiers have sustained to amaze vehicle sound fans with the correct gear. An advanced is presently included in virtually every review of amplifiers and speakers. This little amplifier packs lots of power for your total machine: it has surprised us with the output power. It gives RMS of 75-Watts for the four (Back and front) speaker and approximately 300-Watts for the subwoofer.   

This is highly versatile for matching a huge choice of setups: We have just seen an amplifier that can be utilized with the five-channel setup. Suppose you use a 3-way speaker or an active speakers program. This is possible for the high-pass front channels of amplifiers for operating tweeters, the band-pass rear channels for the substation of the low-pass bass and the bigger mid-bass output signal.

Amazing efficacy and quality of sound: because of the NexD technology used on this amplifier, this setup is modernized for producing a great quality of sound with complete energy productivity. This plays the music with complete fidelity, allowing you to enjoy the best listening experience.    

Key Features

  • 5-channel amplifier
  • Full-Range RMS is 75-Watts × 4 at 4-ohms, 100 × 4 at 2-ohms
  • Subwoofer RMS is 180-Watts × 1 at 4-ohms, 240-Watts × 1 at 2-ohms, 300-Watts × 1 at 1-ohm
  • NexD Switching 
  • Balanced differential inputs
  • Sizes are 8-9/16 –inch L × 7-1/8 inch W × 2-1/16-inch H 

Pros (Why Should Buy):

2 automatic turn-on modes

Superior design and build quality 

Premium amplifier 

Installable in every vehicle 

An incredible thermal protection structure

Directly controllable from the seat of the driver

Cons (Why Should Avoid):

Not fused 


05. Polk Audio PAD5000.5 Amplifier 

If you want to customize your sound system completely, you will have to select an amp that offers different channels. This amplifier is very versatile in the marketplace. This can be utilized as the monoblock, two-channel, three-channel, four-channel or five-channel amp. 

It will provide you with the capacity to utilize this amplifier with every kind of speaker setup which you are able to conjure up. This amp is very solid and has a one-year warranty for giving you more relaxation. This amp is able to deliver 500-Watts to the subwoofers. 

This also offers the soft beginning turn-on, therefore you will not need to stress over the setup crackling or popping when switch this on. This amplifier is a bit heavier at 8.2 pounds however this still should not reason an issue. This amplifier is little enough which can be mounted under the seat. 

Key Features

  • 5-channel amplifier 
  • 70-Watts RMS × 4 + 200-Watts RMS × 1 @ 4-ohms
  • 100-Watts RMS × 4 + 400-Watts RMS × 1 @ 2-ohms
  • 200-Watts RMS × 2 in the bridged mode @ 4-ohms + 500-Watts RMS × 1 @ 1-ohm
  • Size is 8.2 pounds
  • The frequency response is 20 to 20k Hz
  • Preamp inputs
  • The fuse rating is 40A × 2

Pros (Why Should Buy):

Greatly versatile & offers complete personalization 

MOSFET power supply 

Installable under the seat

The high energy-efficient amplifier runs cool

Offers 100-Watts × 4 and 400-Watts ×1 

Greatly cool finish

Short circuit, reverse polarity and thermal protection 

Cons (Why Should Avoid):

A little expensive 


04. Kenwood KAC-M8005 5-channel Amplifier

This Kenwood KAC-M8005 is also a 5-channel amplifier which powers your sound system completely. If you have bought a set of first-class speakers set and subwoofers, this amplifier is sufficient for driving mad with power as well as push up the moods with remarkable quality of sound.  

This small amplifier has high power abilities: This KAC-M8005 is perhaps the littlest five-channel amplifier you have ever experience. Although in its smallness lays an unfailing capacity for operating a full-range of speakers with RMS of 50-Watts and a subwoofer with 500-Watts RMS.     

This Kenwood KAC M8005 is very suitable for power sport and marine applications due to the conformal-coated circuit board. Its board is protected inside circuits from water, soil, and moisture. 

It will make you convinced the show proceeds with whatever the climate conditions. This tweeter is produced with low- and high-pass filters which empower you to tailor-make sound output from subwoofers and speakers. 

Key Features

  • Five-channel marine amplifier 
  • 50-Watts RMS × 4 + 300-Watts × 1 @ 4-ohms
  • 75-Watts RMS × 4 + 500-Watts RMS × 1 @ 2-ohms
  • 150-Watts RMS × bridged @ 4-ohms + 500-Watts RMS × 1 @ 2-ohms
  • A conformal-coated circuit board that is perfect for marine applications and power sports
  • Speaker and preamp-level inputs
  • The fuse rating is 30A × 3
  • Size is 9-1/8-inch W × 2-3/16-inch H × 7-3/8-inch D 

Pros (Why Should Buy):

Climate safe build

Simple gain adjustments

Excellent power from the little amplifier

Compact and solid for small space installation 

Great volume without distortion 

Cons (Why Should Avoid):

A little expensive


03. Skar Audio RP-600.5 5-channel Amplifier

This Skar Audio RP-600.5 amplifier has full-range it’s mean it can handle every frequency between 20Hz to 20k Hz. It means every frequency in the songs, from the sub-bass as far as possible up to the upper-treble will boost. At the 4-ohms regular 4-channels can output RMS of 60-Watts while dedicated subs channels 200-Watts of outputs. 

It toggles impedance down to 2-ohms and its values change 90-Wats to 300-Watts respectively. Therefore if you want to listen to songs really loud actually regularly, then this amp could reliably give the required power that you want. It includes the thick all-metal external shell its mean that this can surely take some harm.

Therefore if you are anybody who goes the off-roading lots of, bumpy terrains, and crossing through rough, this amp may be appropriate for you. Moreover, it contains heat sinks that keep the inside climate cool no matter how extensive you utilize this.   

Key Features

  • 5-channel amplifier 
  • Class AB/D Amplifier 
  • 60-Watts × 4 + 200-Watts × 1 at 4 Ohm / 90-Watts × 4 +300-Watts × 1 at 2 ohms
  • Four-way fitted protection circuitry such as DC, Voltage, Thermal, and DC
  • RMS is 700-Watts 
  • HPF/LPF/Bass Boost Controls
  • Ground input terminals and 4 Gauge Power
  • MOSFET power supply

Pros (Why Should Buy):

Full-range 5-channel amplifier

Great construction

Fitted heat sinks

Class D and A/B hybrid circuits

Bass EQ switch 

Cons (Why Should Avoid):



02. Alpine PDR-V75 Subwoofer

The Alpine has progressed upon class-D basic structure for producing the quality sound and very small size amps anyplace. It has better sound quality than its competitors that of inefficient class A/B and more traditional amplifiers. Its sound is dynamic, crisp and fantastic.    

The speaker level data sources are given when you utilize inexpensive speaker level adapter wire sale independently. In contrast to normal amplifiers, its thermal management setup made inside is fit for lessening and not totally shutting off and output power while overheating situations are recognized.

The microprocessor-based element permits the music for keeping pumping but at the decreased volume for keeping heat its heat under the control for keeping the amplifier from closing down just like lower-quality amplifiers do. 

The adjustable high-and low-pass crossovers are normal, a bass boost, and an option for connecting its remote bass level control that sale separately is for addition bass fun.    

Key Features

  • 5-channel amplifiers
  • Peak power is 3000-Watts
  • 75-Watts RMS × 4+250-Watts RMS × 1 @ 4-ohms
  • 100-Watts RMS × 4 + 350-Watts RMS × 1 @ 2-ohms
  • 200-Watts MS × 2 bridged @ 4-ohms + 350-Watts RMS × 1 @ 2-ohms 
  • MOSFET power supply
  • Size is 10-3/4-inch W × 2-inch H × 6-1/2-inch D

Pros (Why Should Buy):

Gorgeous protective cover 

Great quality of sound 

Flexible controls 

Thermal management structure 

Littlest 5-channel amplifier of the power rating 

Cons (Why Should Avoid): 

Control isn’t workable when cover will be installed   


01. Pioneer GM-D9705 Class-D Amplifier 

This Pioneer GM-D9705 amplifier is produced through a reliable brand such as Pioneer it is a valuable amplifier that is available for under $300. It has a variable channel (incorporating high and low pass). You will be able to control its bass levels conveniently. Additionally, having a 2000-Watts output adds to adding strong power to the sound system.

It amplifier has a general design even install in the majority of compact vehicles. Additionally, clear installation guidance causes this to turn into the simpler to install amplifier than ever. Do not allow its little size for playing a scam on you since its general delivery isn’t affected through the size. 

Its sound is extremely amazing; it also has a bar terminal that has impedance allowance inside 2-4 ohms. Finally, we just have a small complaint that A-channel and B-channel aren’t reliant on the gains. Accordingly, its efficiency is a little weak than other louder amplifiers when connecting frontage speakers with the tweeters.

Key Features

  • 5-channel amplifier 
  • Peak power is 2000-Watts 
  • RMS @ 2-ohms: 100-Watts × 4; 600-Watts × 1
  • RMS @ 4-ohms: 75-Watts × 4; 350-Watts × 1
  • RMS bridged @ 4-ohms: 200-Watts × 2; 350-Watts ×1 
  • Peak power is 2000-Watts
  • Block Terminal
  • Class D Amplifier 

Pros (Why Should Buy):

Compact size

Very powerful

No noise 

Fine terminal connectors

Good value of money 


Cons (Why Should Avoid):

Can be overheated 


What Should Think About the Best 5 Channel Amp for the Money?

There’re a couple of critical factors which you have to think about before you choose a 5-channel amplifier. You’ll definitely lose your brain with many options you have! Below mentioned are few features which we have described to assist you with choosing the best amplifier.    

RMS Power:

RMS power or Root mean square is the total power that an amplifier delivers continuously. Usually, the majority of amplifiers have 600-watts to 1000-watts of RMS power. Extra RMS output, extra power. Its mean maximum RMS power rating starts a superior result.    

Peak power:

The higher amount of power which an amplifier will be able to handle, for the small duration with no burning out, is known as peak power. It isn’t as essential as the RMS power although is still proficient in blowing out the amplifier.


It is an estimate of an electrical resistance offered. The five-channel amplifiers generally have either 4-ohms or 2-ohms of impedance. Make sure the impedance of your amplifier should match your sound system for promoting smooth working.


The 5-channel amps are clearly designed for the 5-channel setups. But they’re able to utilize with the 3-channel setups if they’re bridgeable. It makes the amp more compatible and versatile with various vehicles. 

Sound quality:

It is probably the main features of every amp because you do not need to gain a louder setup, but lower quality of sound. You require an amp that cancels every noise and gives distortion-free sound. 

A few makers clearly declare that they utilize little technology for keeping the distortion-free sound. Furthermore, that is the primary hint that an amp has great sound quality.  


You have got to acknowledge, that having the options to serve the full sound component set with the one device is amazing. What makes this shockingly superior is that the requirements included are effectively achievable. The 5-channel amplifiers are certainly more positive as far as cost, power and even space.  

For individuals who would prefer to manage with one amplifier than need to shuffle around a few of them trying to get the ideal sound impact, the 5-channel is the best option.

First Class Delivery

Through utilizing a combination of Class A/B and D amplifier technology, the 5-channel amplifiers provide remarkable results. With the cleaner sound result, the minor background noise plus extra defined music waves, this is hard to deny the efficiency. 

Some Other Features   

Here are a few other features which distinguish one amp from another one. Having such features provides an additional benefit to your amp.   

  • Thermal, voltage protection, and/or short-circuit 
  • The adjustable equalizer
  • Subwoofer control and remote bass boost
  • Controls placement and easy to install


FAQs about the Best 5 Channel Amp for the Money

What does the mean of the 5-channel amplifier?

Normally, the amplifier is developed for boosting low output sounds signs from an autonomous source to additional cleaner, elaborate and powerful signals. Normally, the whole sound system needs you to match up a two or four-channel amplifier with the mono-block amp to satisfactorily run it.

The sounds just like the one heck of the task, does not this? Well, luckily, that is where a 5 channel amplifier comes in. this permits you for running your whole sound setup by one device.  

How is designed the 5-channel amplifier?

The 5-channel amplifier is generally a combination of 2 amplifiers. The common format is where the four-channel amplifier is combined with the one-channel unit. This 5-channel amplifier combo is able to power 4 speakers and 1 subwoofer. Its 1-channel for a subwoofer is very powerful as this need to drive additional power contrasted with what channels for the normal speakers require to drive.

Why should we buy a best 5 channel amp for the money?   

The 5-channel amplifiers are an incredible expansion to your sound setup if you want to install 1 speaker for every corner of the car and an amazing subwoofer at the back. This amplifier will control your every speaker superior to the majority of amplifier systems as every speaker will serve through a single dedicated channel. Shortly, there aren’t channels sharing between the speakers.   

Should impedance be viewed as the first or the power rating?

It is a typical uncertainty numerous people have. This is necessary to think about the impedance prior to power rating, make sure that the amplifier you select can equal the impedance. Otherwise, this will not be able to perform with this subwoofer. Remember not to wire this subwoofer to the incorrect impedance. It is perhaps the most well-known reasons that why subwoofers blow and voice coils burn.   

What is the awesome area to install the 5-channel amplifier?

When you want to install the amplifier, sort out how you will be able to route your connecting wires. A few spots we recommend are in the trunk or under the seat. Estimate such spaces and buy an amplifier of an appropriate size. 

Is there any benefit of purchasing the bridgeable amplifier?

The procedure of bridging multiple amps enhance the power provided to the speaker. This is particularly useful if drive one channel sub. While it is simple, we highly recommend leaving it to the experts for staying away from sound issues. Note that the amps which you need to connect should be identical.

Should we install a 5-channel amplifier in case we have fewer than 4 car speakers?  

Definitely, if there are a subwoofer and 3 speakers, you will be able to put four of the 5 channels of the amp to utilize. It will just provide your sound system additional power that is never an issue. The amplifier with vacant channels also allows you to introduce more speakers later on. 


We have described what are the best 5 Channel Amp for the Money on your doorstep just in a click. You will enjoy the price value and get a double advantage of your investment. Our explanation about what are the best 5 Channel Amp for the Money is not just a product but proved a luxury in your life. 

If you want to buy according to the the suggestion of our team then you should buy the Wet Sounds SW-650 6.5″ Marine Coaxial Speaker which is explained on No. 10 and if you do not have much the budget then you should buy Polk Audio MM651UM Marine Speakers which is explained on No. 09. 

Finally, you should research from our highly rated list and make a shortlist of what are the best 5 Channel Amp for the Money model before taking the final decision we will welcome your feedback.

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