How to Set Crossover Frequency for Subwoofer?

Do you want to learn how to set crossover frequency for subwoofer?


The crossover frequency of the subwoofer is the frequency where the speakers begin to the roll-off along with the subwoofer kicks in through bass notes and LFEs.

The majority of advance AV receivers include auto EQ program which will allocate the best crossover frequency mechanically based on capabilities of the loudspeakers. 

This is generally good to leave the settings wherever these are. In case you are utilizing AV processor, DSP subwoofer or preamplifier for adjusting crossover frequency in surround sound system or a 2-channel. 

Below mentioned are some tips for getting the most ideal performance. As with every bass managing functions, this is assists to do few experimentations and critical listening for achieving the ideal sounding outcomes.

If you realize the frequency range of your speaker, set crossover point approximately 10-Hz over the minimal frequency the speakers are able to handle plainly.

The majority of common crossover frequency suggested (and THX standard) is 80-Hz.

The below-mentioned numbers highlight feature general rules for How to Set Crossover Frequency for Subwoofer:

  • The Tiny or On-wall ‘satellite’ speakers are 150-200 Hz.
  • The Small centre, the Surround and bookshelf are 100-120 Hz.
  • The Mid-size centre, the surround, and bookshelf are 80-100 Hz.
  • The Big centre, the surround and the bookshelf are 60-80 Hz.   
  • The Extremely huge centre, the surround, and bookshelf are 40-60 Hz. 
  • The Tower Speakers with 6-inch – 4-inch is 60 Hz.   
  • The Tower speakers with 10-inch – 8-inch woofers is 40 Hz or the Full-Band/Large. 

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