How to Install a Car Audio System in Your Home?

Do you want to know how to install a car audio system in your home?


Car stereos give a wide range of features, such a significant number of people feel excited to move the stereo system in the home for greatest pleasure. Because the stereos work off the straight current. The sound system can be successfully moved in the home with just insignificant problem.

First Step: Set up a power resource

Because the vehicle sounds systems perform with the direct current. The sound system can be powered through the vehicle battery directly. If you need to utilize a vehicle battery for the short-term arrangement. The battery will give out like its own power resource.

If you are using a DC/AC converter, this converter will change domestic current into the 12-V power supply. Be sure, however, you should set “12-volt DC” voltage output if it has more than a single output option.

Second Step

Run the wire of your speaker from your vehicle sound system head unit to the speakers. Check with the car stereo fitting manual to decide which wires are appointed to the speakers the vehicle stereo speaker wires have colour-coded, however, a few makers depend on the vehicle’s wiring tackle to connect the right leads to the correct speakers.       

Third Step

Utilize the wire stripper/cutter to expose a piece of the bare wire from the sound speaker lead. The strip a little part of the insulation from the end of the speaker wire’s length, wrap the uncovered wire of speaker around the uncovered lead of speaker and utilize electric tape for securing the connection.   

Fourth Step

Connect the further end of the speaker’s wire length to the comparing speaker utilizing the fitting technique for speaker’s model and your make.

Repeat this procedure for every speaker, remembering that vehicle sound systems might be structured to power up to twelve (12) speakers.   

Fifth Step

Recognize and prepare power connectors of the stereo head unit. Such as the majority of direct current powered electronics.

The vehicle stereo must have 2 power lead wires: first positive (normally red) and second negative (normally black). Check with your sound system’s installation manual to recognize power leads for a model of the sound system and your specific make.    

Sixth Step

Utilize the wire stripper/cutter to uncover a part of bare wire as of every lead wire. Strip a little portion of the insulation since the end of a length of the electrical wire then wrap the uncovered electrical wire over the uncovered power lead as well as utilize electrical tape to make safe the connection.

Seventh Step  

If you utilize a vehicle battery to power the sound system, connect the battery terminal to last part of every power wire.

The strip around ½-inch of protection from the unattached last part of an electrical wire utilized in the fifth step above. At that point the uncovered wire into wire opening on the battery terminal. 

Make safe the wire set up utilizing either electrical tape or solder and then do again this procedure for further power wire.

Keep in mind this step is not essential if you have been utilizing a DC/AC converter. Because converter may present its own way to secure the power wires. 

Connect power wires to your power resource. If you utilize vehicle battery to control your sound system, just the negative and positive battery terminals over relating posts on battery at that point fix the terminals to make sure about the set up.

If you have been utilizing a converter which presents its own wire connectors. Insert its power wire into the appropriate negative or positive connector. At that point screw or turn the connector for holding the wire in the place.

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