How to Test a Computer’s Sound Device?

I think you are searching for how to test computer’s sound device?


You should check the sound device of your computer through playing any sound file and windows speaker design device, however, give you more flexibility to test the devices.

The tool can be tested with each fitted device, not simply default one. It also plays tones by the multiple channels of the device, testing the speaker’s capacity for playing stereo sound. 

This superior configuration tool supports you to learn how to test computer’s sound device? just like external soundbars or headsets that the business may utilize for the editing multimedia or voice conferencing.

First Step:     

Click on the start button for the opening Start menu.

Second Step:

Type “sound” in start menu of the search box and then click “Sound” in its search items for opening sound window

Third Step:

Click on the device which you need to check as well as click “Design” to open window of speaker setup.

Fourth Step:

Click on the “Test” for playing the musical tone by every of device’s channels separately.  

Fifth Step:

Click on the individual configurations inside “audio channels” box, just like “5.1 Surround” and “Mono” for sending musical tones separately by particular channel configurations. 

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