How to Test a Car Amplifier With a Multimeter?

Searching how to test a car amplifier with a multimeter? might seem like a complicated task. Though, having the exact devices can save a lot of the issue, money and time.

This represents a standard activity, especially, if you have every tool at your hand. However, there are some key factors to take into consideration prior to you even begin. Anyway, how do test an amplifier with the multimeter? 

What is the exact time for giving up on the fixing things as well as call a repairman? Below mentioned are the responses to all questions. 

The lengthy story short, you should find amplifier or amplifiers, as you may have multiple, at that point hook multimeter in as well as run a test. The different multimeters have a different attribute, yet working standards are equivalent.

Based on their result, you will have an analytic that permits you to make an efficient decision. You will be able either perform an easy fix or repair a component or you will be able to call your repairman. Although, perform the test will avoid more expenses of the expert diagnostics.

The Testing, Preparations plus Expectations  

Nowadays, the stereos of cars are more complex than ever. I remember the great previous days of the older cars, then you may remember the cute single speakers which were mounted on the dashboards.

Those could be tested in seconds. Nowadays, if by one way or another your 8 speaker sound setups not pass on you; you will better arm with lots of patience.

When the entire task can be very disappointing, this is still possible and save the cash. If major unit performs as well as lights up, an issue may be related to the external amplifiers.

Remember that not every car depend on amplifiers – relying upon model as well as manufacturing year. How might you inform? Check its manual.

If, it isn’t the situations, to test the amplifier will inform you if this gets sufficient power. If this doesn’t, this won’t let music experience to speakers, thus your concern.

To Configure the Multimeter

To configure multimeter isn’t co-complex, even if you’re fresh to it. This black test must go into basic attachment. Its red one goes into the socket marked A. A Represents for amperage and you might 2 dissimilar sockets.

It’s one is extra sensitive and other is high amperage. If you’re sure that which one you should try, utilize a socket with the highest rating.

Then turn the central dial of multimeter to amperage setting relating to the attachment. There is a little possibility that these settings appear to be unique, there is a little possibility these settings appear to be unique yet they mean very similar.

You may discover mA and A settings on both multimeter and amp, however, you might also discover only one the setting on the dial. Whenever confused, dual check manual.  

To Test the Amplifier

Placing the amplifier is the initial step in this procedure. This may be anyplace – under the dashboard, in the boot, behind one of the seats, etc.

The manual must let you know exactly where to discover this, check wiring diagram this will inform you that wires should be tested, and attributes that ought to have.  

If the amplifier has more than single plug then you will require to consults wiring graph and recognizes the major one. This is normally marked 12V+. This could be hot consistently or just when you drive your car and turn key to the ignition for figuring that out.

While nobody likes issues, ideally you must find problems to be now. If this isn’t hot however system is still nor performing you will require for tracing every wire as well as search for the break or the problematic plug. It could be very time consuming and frustrating.                         

Helpful and Tips Advice

This is highly suggested to turn off power prior to connect the meter. Why? Simple! When power will be on, the current will run through the circuit immediately. The test lead is little as well as covers a little zone therefore this may warm-up plus weld to the amplifier.

There is also another great idea that is alligator clip leads. The maximum current can harm the test because of its little surface.

If you connect alligator clip leads then current is distributed over a more extensive area. Then the risk of the damage is very low. Obviously, the power must be off when you join them. 

1st Issue – the Amplifier doesn’t turn on

Check its wire through the battery, and both the sides. You can’t play out analytic through looking. At times, fuses are awful, however not blown and may need for changing a fuse, then check remote wire otherwise check voltage at amplifier terminal.

2nd Issue – Amplifier Goes on into the Protect Mode

Then disconnect the whole thing and turn amplifier back on. In case this actually goes into secure mode, this has an issue. If not, reattach your speakers. Returning into the secure mode means those speakers have an issue. This could be wiring also.

3rd Issue – Amplifier Goes on the without output

Experience every setting and every volume levels. Then you may need to utilize an alternative input to test. 

4th Issue – the output is the distorted

Clear every factor and attempt every setting again and there is no other method for configuring out that where the issue may be.

5th Issue – The low output from the amplifier

Turn down the volume and subsonic filter. Go up once more, down once more, check radio also. Its voltage drop at the amplifier terminals will provide you with the problem. If this remains over the 12V, the speakers should be checked.

6th Issue – Amplifier Goes on plus off

Run your setup until amplifier goes off plus dual check voltage. If this goes under the 10V, run through wiring. 


The main concern, testing an amplifier with the multimeter is generally easy for somebody with a bit of the passion for the technology.      

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