What is Best Equalizer Settings for Bass in the Car?

Your first-class previous car stereo was very much versatile than your expectations – you simply do not recognize the best equalizer settings for bass in the car. 

Keep in mind that this is not complex. Tinkering with EQ settings for achieving the perfect Equalizer Settings may look just as rocket science at the initial glance, however, it is in reality very easy than you imagine. 

What is Equalization? First of All, Let Us Know What is Equalization?

In the music language, equalization allows adjusting the sound. The perfect equalizer settings permit to adjust the volume of the specific range of frequency. Doing so permits you to change the sound of the different mechanism play in the soundtrack.

Thus, for instance, if you are listening to the heavy-bass songs however you do not generally feel it when inside the vehicle you can change the setting of the bass for improving the sound volume and clarity.

In the normal stereo of the car, you can generally adjust the tenor, bass and different instruments. Though three probably won’t sound like a lot, it’s plenty sufficient.

Actually, recognize how to change these 3 broad ranges appropriately can do surprise regarding improving the quality of sound of the songs played in the car.  

Why Do Require Equalizing?

The perfect settings of the equalizer can mean the distinction between plain sound, bland and listen to the type of songs that you have always been searching for.

The additional exact settings make better sound quality. In case you are sufficient (and your audio system and car stereo are proficient), you will be able to make the sound such as it is really being played in the face of you. 

If you want extra refined experience or more bass, to know the ideal settings of the equalizer can deliver you precisely what you need.

What Is The Best Equalizer Settings For The Best Sound?

For getting that you need to know the basics initially. First of all, the high-pitched mechanism or vocals and percussion are generally the maximum frequencies.   

For the moment, lowest frequencies are bass plus instruments such as harp which generate deeper sound. At last, mids are generally reliant on how deep equalizer is able to go and what number of bands this has. Generally, there is no ideal equalizer setting for everyone – the songs preference is especially personal. 

A general guideline is: the ideal settings of equalizer would be one which transforms sound in the car for feeling as you are attending a show. Although you have inexpert ears, you are able to tell.

Simply close the eyes and attempt for feeling the songs. If you do not feel devices playing in the face of you or behind you, at that point you will need to adjust settings of equalizer until you do. 

As long last, it’s everything about the experimentation and willingness to attempt. Do not worry. You will not actually damage the sound system of the car as long as this is appropriately installed. Tweaking settings of your equalizer would be the same as changing thermostat of your car.

How to Do The Best Equalizer Setting of Your Car?

Below mentioned are few points through which you can do the setting of your equalizer:

Check Speaker Phasing

You should ensure that the speakers of your car are totally moving similarly. It is very important if recently had another car sound system fitted. However, if did not, this may worth verifying whether something’s incorrect.

A decent method to express is to listen to the heavy bass songs when setting the balance control of your stereo right to the opposite side. At that point, after doing it, try to listen to similar songs with balance control came back to the centre.

There must be a huge difference in the bass between 2. In any case, if there are not, then the speakers would have to be tested. Do the similar for subwoofer system of your car too.

Set Equalizer Flat

Since you know that entirety of subwoofers and sound speakers are phased appropriately, it’s an ideal opportunity to tune them. First, start with equalizer settings of the stereo. Set this flat. Its mean set every tone controls to the zero with no connecting with an EQ curve and turn off subwoofer also. 

When you have done this task, then play your beloved songs, however, do not crank up the volume. Rather, work on increase the output of the subwoofer gradually or the bass output until bass kicks however not too much that this muddies rest of sound.  

If the bass sounds as though it is coming from the behind you, then you will need to reduce the output of bass until this feels such as it is originating from the front of you.

For fine-tuning

To get more refined sound experience, go to check whether the sound system has “fade control” quality. If this does, then tune this until sound originates from the front side, not from the back. After doing it, do similar to right-left balance.

Pay attention to such settings, because this is important.

When you are happy with its sound, do a tune and opposite fade plus adjust the right-left balance units it’s sound as though it is originating from the behind you. Note also these settings. 

Then try to compare both settings for checking whether they are the equivalent. If yes, fantastic. However, normally, they will not be equivalent. If so for you, then you will need to get an excellent spot between these two settings. 

This technique, you will have sound originating from back and front, to make an extra thorough sound from the whole sound system of your car.

When you desire sound to feel such as it is originating from the front, this should have a little depth. A decent rule for following is the bass must be rich however not enough loud for distorting idea; high frequencies must be clear with no harming the ears; mid-range frequencies must feel smooth.

Even though this is diverse for everybody, your goal while searching for the best settings of the equalizer is smooth and clear sound.

Some Points to Think While Setting Up the Equalizer Settings    

Think to add tweeters to the set-up

For greater high-frequency clearness try to add the tweeters to sound setup of your car. The tweeters assist add clarity for higher frequencies in the music. Obviously, these require tuning also. You are able to start through having face towards the ears.

At that time, you should gradually adjust the position of your tweeters until hit correct spot for satisfying the audio requirements.

For instance, bringing tweeters near the front can assist improve loudness of the higher frequencies. Keep in mind, as mentioned prior, high frequencies must have clarity with no sound irritating. 

Adjust back speakers

Back speakers are for help. They are not to be taken note. They are just to assist enhance some depth to the sound system of your car. Although, you may even now need to tinker about with the sound settings.

Although you may do not consider you hear the back speakers sufficient for this for making difference, the correct settings will assist you to include some more required depth.

To invest in noise damper

The noise damper is very helpful when hearing an irritating “rattling” audio whenever go to turn up the volume or hit a bump on road. Having sound dampeners fitted can assist dispose of undesirable noise from speakers. 


In some cases, even when finding an ideal setting of an equalizer for car, this still may not please you. In such cases, you should upgrade speakers of your car for improving your sound experience. An excellent example is for replacing full-range speakers through the well mid-range speakers.

If you install your new speakers properly, you will be able to enjoy richer music and softer sounds compare to utilizing your old full-range speakers. in any case, if you want to listen to the heavy bass music, you may need to think to install a subwoofer.

The bass blockers for the littler speakers

If the sound system of your car is little and bass will in general muddy the sound regardless of what to do, the bass blockers are able to assist filter some of lower frequency sound and develop sound clearness.


The search for the best setting of the equalizer id endless. You may feel please now, but may you will feel a similar next day?

There is a huge possibility which you will become used to improve sound clearness and begin searching for something “superior”. In such circumstances, a decent rule for following is that you should invest in long-standing, not short-range.

If you think more before spending it will assist you to save effort, time, and money, when you want to upgrade the default sound system of your car. in any case, first of all, you need to know how to change the equalizer setting of your stereo first.

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