How to Make Home Theatre Subwoofer Louder Without an Amplifier?

I think you want to learn how to make home theatre subwoofer louder without an amplifier?


The louder sound from subwoofers does not mean including extra power. The amplifiers are costly, and this is wise for taking steps to make the subwoofers louder before imagining that you require a greater amplifier.

The basic adjustment can support you getting better and more bass with no consuming extra cash on the equipment.

First Step

Put subwoofer in the corner. Setting your subwoofer in the corner can give up to the 6 dB of the bass boost with no require for extra amplification.

Second Step:

Ensure subwoofer is in the phase with the rest of the system. The majority of subwoofers have the phase switch which is either consistently variable or offers a 0–180 degree situation. Play a few bass-heavy songs and correct phase switch until hearing loudest bass. 

Third Step:     

Move your subwoofer to a different area in your room. Just like a normal rule, attempt for avoiding subwoofer an equivalent great ways from 2 walls.

Setting the subwoofer in a top-sided position comparative with the room boundaries result in the stronger bass output as well as smoothest generally response.

Fourth Step:

The excellent tune subwoofer crossover controls. An inappropriately balanced crossover can reason your primary speaker as well as subwoofers for completing in bass frequencies plus revoke one another.

Through appropriately adjusting crossover for the specific system, you get stronger bass than through only randomly setting this or to leave this at default settings of the factory. 

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