How to Measure Your Subwoofer? The Simplest Way to Check it

I think you want to know how to measure your subwoofer?


So, you want to promote to an advanced model or your existing subwoofer went out? Therefore, you need to save little money by utilizing the current enclosure rather than purchasing another one. 

It acquires the need to calculate the measurement of the subwoofer. You need to know that the specific estimations of your previous speaker then you will be able to replace with another model of a similar size which easily install in the remove enclosure.    

Continue reading to find how to measure your subwoofer


What Should You Measure? 

The physical measurement is the most significant considerations when replacing the old subwoofer with another one. There are different subwoofers in the market with various sizes so take its size measurement is vital to make sure you get an ideal replacement.

You do not need to invest in the advance subwoofer then get frustrated and disappointed at the time you get down for mounting and find it just will not install where the previous speakers were mounted in the car.  

All things considered, the physical size should be determined utilizing the excising diameter of speaker, mounting depth and mounting height.    

Speaker diameter

To measure outside diameter of your speaker frame, by exclusive of every mounting lug present. To get the correct diameter of your previous speaker empowers you to get an advanced speaker with similar size as your old speaker; therefore this is able to fit comfortably in the mounting area for the old model.

Cutout diameter

You should measure the size of the mounting hole needed for cone and surround to clear the mounting plane of the speaker

Mounting height

This kind of measurement shows how far front-most part projects of the speaker as of the face mounting plane. It is an important measurement as it assists to make sure your advance speaker does not stay very high, direct of bumping against the factory grill or door panel.    

Mounting depth

An estimation of how the speaker’s back most part extends from the face mounting plane. It will help to make sure that the speaker does not start bumping and go too deep against every obstruction below this.  

How to measure your subwoofer?

First Step: Remove Subwoofer from the enclosure

First of all, you should turn off the subwoofer and remove this from its mounting or enclosure. You may require a screwdriver to evacuate its mounting holes in case your car speakers are an enclosure. 

Ensure to remove every cover in the face of the speaker also for simple measuring process. When you pull out the speaker from the mounting, cut off every wire connected to this so that this is totally disconnected from its enclosure.  

Second Step: Measure mounting depth of the speaker 

 With the upright sitting of speaker rape measure or take a ruler and utilize this to measure your subwoofer’s mounting depth its height from the rear of the speaker to the mounting frame. 

Begin to measure it from the base up to the plastic piece or flat metallic around its cone (Mounting frame). Make a note of its measurement result as the mounting depth of subwoofer. 

Third Step: Now measure its mounting height

Presently, you will have to measure its distance from the base of the mounting frame of your speaker as far as possible up to the uppermost projection point.

With sitting upright of the speaker, put the tape measure or ruler at the base of its mounting flange as well as discover the height as of this plate to the uppermost point of the speaker.

Then, you should look at the speaker from its side to gain a clear picture that how far this distends from its mounting plate. Make sure you write down its height on the paper like a mounting height. 

Fourth Step: Take the outline diameter measurement    

Flip the speaker over and measure its distance from widest point of the speaker cone joined to the rear of the mounting place of the speaker.

If the speaker does not have a round profile, at that point think to measure the largest point from every side to know each measurement.

Write down the measurement size like cut-out diameter.      

Fifth Step: Measure the width of the mounting screw

The final measurement you have to take is space between screw holes on the mounting frame of your speaker. Though this measurement probably will not be significant as other we explained above while you are able to constantly drill fresh holes for holding the new speaker.    


This is how to find the basic measurements of your subwoofer, since speaker pattern measurement to mounting depth, mounting screw width, and even mounting depth.

At the point you get these measurements, write down on the paper and evaluate against the specs of your new speakers which you want to purchase. It will assist to make sure that the perfect powered subwoofer you buy perfectly installed in the car.


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