How to Set Crossover Frequency for Speakers?

Before guiding you how to set crossover frequency for speakers? we want to define the crossover frequency.

What is a Crossover Frequency?

The crossover is an electrical or electronic system considered to parts the audio from the musical resource then giving the ideal output for the specific speaker. The majority of speaker systems which generate excellent sound come with as a minimum one kind of crossover fitted.

On other hand, crossover frequency refers to the frequency point of the sound, after that definite sound will be decreased, or efficiently blocked. The crossover frequency is utilized as a reference point where an output of speaker or input to the amplifier is cut through 3-decibels.

How to Set Crossover Frequency for Speakers?

The setting of the speaker size in A/V receiver may be misleading or confusing because settings of speaker size are often named ‘Small’ or ‘Large’, also in actuality the settings frequently have small to do with real loudspeaker’s physical size.

The huge setting means the channel will get a full-range signal from A/V receiver plus none of the basses exists in the channel will be going to your subwoofer.

Except for the certain bass-skilled tower speakers, we don’t suggest you the big setting for the loudspeaker channel since this may overload your speaker as well as damage drivers. This can use extra power from A/V receiver amplifier, so decreasing the powerful headroom.      

The little setting means bass in the channel is directed to subwoofer below crossover frequency specified/selected for the channel in A/V receiver.

Once more with the possible exemption of definite bass-skilled tower speakers, the little setting is suggested since this removes deep bass necessities from the loudspeaker, and opens up power in A/V receiver amp, in this way improving system elements.

The ideal speaker crossover frequency for every speaker channel fluctuates with output capabilities and bass extension of the definite loudspeaker.

Some of the time auto-set-up structure in AV receiver chooses a non-ideal crossover setting for the provided loudspeaker channel.

We described below the guidance that will permit you to dual-check the chose crossover frequency. You can also contact the sound specialist at the consumer service for help. 

Normally suggested Speaker Crossover Settings

  • Very little or “satellite” loudspeakers is 120-150 Hz.
  • Little to average size surround, center channels and the bookshelf loudspeakers is 80-100 Hz.
  • Bigger center channels, the surrounds and the bookshelf monitors are 60-80 Hz. 
  • The Tower speakers with the bigger (i.e., 8-inch – 10-inch) woofers are 40-Hz
  • The tower speakers with the littler (i.e., 4-inch – 6-inches) woofers are 60-Hz     


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