How to Fix Speaker Distortion at Low and High Volume?

I think you want to learn how to fix speaker distortion at low and high volume?


Below mentioned are 9 different methods to sole the distortion of car speaker at high and low volume 

Having the best music sound in the car is an incredible achievement which makes your ride relaxed. You will see the majority of people make various little mistakes which result in the distortion of your speakers while in low volume and high volume. 

Some may fit difficult sound system that cost them too much however still neglect to get the clear and fine output.

It might be a result of numerous issues in the system and car also but in this article, we are going to discuss some such solution which you should implement for solving the distortion of your car speaker at high and low volume.

Utilize the high pass filters

We suggest you incorporate high pass filter on back and front speakers when setting up the sound system in the car because the filters perform very well when the volume level is both on low or high through managing the bass which goes to door speaker reasoning distortion. Remember the majority of car doors aren’t designed for the bass. 

It is because inside of the door has the little cone shape therefore tending to distort quicker. Thus, switching on volume frequencies and HPF blocks bass beyond 80-Hz thus reducing the distortion result for clearing the sound output.  

Increase bass at the low volume and reduce at high volume

If there is still distortion although efforts of reducing the distortion of the vehicle speakers you are able to minimize bass at controls +10 bass plus treble present extremely clear sound at the less volume, however, distortion becomes genuine at the high volume.

It generates an undesirable sound which you will want to close down the entire system and driving will also be silent boring. You will be able to get clear sound quality through decreasing volume at sound settings. 

You have to leave backs and fronts for clean vocals and fit a fresh subwoofer at the back of the car for bass. It provides you with the opportunity to know your music system. Finally, notice the issue where you are able to correct and get a clear sound with no distortion. 

Stay away from bass boosted music  

The Bass Boosted Music is out and cheap there. This is normally delivered professionally utilizing the software. It will distort your car speakers at high and low volumes.

Suppose you have an amplifier, it will deliver extra bass which causes distortion regardless of how great is your music system. The music will create frequent distortion therefore decreasing the quality of speakers; hence, this is smarter to utilize music from your original CDs.  

Utilize signal process and equalizer   

The interior of the car isn’t for ideal sound unless customizing it. Glass and plastic surface reflect sound while seat covers and carpet absorb the sound of stereo not declaring poorly fitted and placed speakers.

The join results in the poor quality of sound in the higher volume. For rectifying the problems, you have to fit equalizers that generally include in excess of 13 equalization bands where its rank empowers you to equal higher voltage. 

Normally, regular car recipients offer mid-range, bass controls and treble, which address the worldwide fixes however not the real issue.

That is the reason you require the equalizer to the zero in also kill peaks then you can mount this on your dashboard and receiver. Outboard equalizer empowers you to change frequency response relying high or low on volume. 

You will be able to incorporate parametric equalizer for varying the width and centre point empowered by every EQ band for totally zero in distortion furthermore processor empowers you to decrease frequency response peaks then empower speakers to enhance bass response.       

Utilizing Car Amplifier

The majority of people don’t recognize that there is a big difference between the output of an amplifier and that of factory vehicle stereo.

The outboard amplifier gives more sound output and clean power than every car stereo as this is produced of filter the amplifier and sound the best sound output. An amplifier is produced to generate the best output and the best sound. 

You are able to change the stereo volume to a minimum and enhance the volume of the amplifier and then you understand that amplifier delivers the best sound output which you never get before that makes no distortion the speakers.

Utilizing a Crossover

Advance receivers incorporate frequency filters which perform fine with the preamp speaker hence reducing distortion on high and low volume. Just for the subwoofer, you require to utilize High Pass filters that remove low bass and distortion. 

It empowers your system to generate a clean and clear sound where can additionally try lowering the point of crossover for low pass filters which bring the bass up as well as forward as a result getting the excellent pure sound. 

The setting up amplifier Gains

The people normally suppose the gain controls change volume level in this way turning the volume up to the maximum for getting more-distorted audio from speakers. Truly gain controls empower you to change the input signal approaching into an amplifier.  In case you tune this very high, at that point you just support nasty distortion.

The most ideal way is to adjust volume halfway of the receiver or 3 quarter then adjusts amplifier gain until listening to no distortion. An amplifier consistently offers great sound at high and low volume with no distortion from your car speakers.    

All the Time Use First-Class Music Files 

The compressed music normally looses low and high-frequency music. In case you desire to store the music on the music player, at that time you should ensure you utilize quality compressors. 

The sound system of your car can recognize poor files through you are getting distortion created in both high and low volume principally if you have an amplifier which amplifies each detail in music files. For reducing the distortion, you have to become used to first-class music.

To Replace The Car Speakers:

After utilizing the speakers from the maker for a long period, and you understand that distortion’s frequency is very high even on the advance system.

It’s mean the speakers are wearing out as well as losing the power. So, you should consistently replace the aftermarket speakers which have a well-matched range of power with the amplifier.


For getting clear sound result without any distortion from the sound system at high and low volume, you should understand its basics so that you will be able to adjust its controls, in some cases, the issue is simply from controls, know the system’s power and you will be able to adjust its sound to the greatest. 

You should utilize the materials of sound deadening just like Dynamat for decreasing noise and vibration thus giving an appropriate environment for speakers to generate an incredible sound with no distortion.

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