How to Fix Car Speakers Crackling? At High Volume

I think you want to know how to Fix Car Speakers Crackling?

The tweeters are utilized in a car sound system to give the audio in a high-frequency range. Whenever utilized right, then they make a pleasant improvement to the music. Whenever utilized inappropriately, then they can reason harsh ear penetrating treble which can harm the ears in the long-standing. 

The tweeters are extremely sensitive mechanism and hardly need a lot of capacity to work because of their little diaphragm area.

The crackling from the vehicle tweeters speakers can reason the problems which can result in the blown voice coil. There can be numerous cause that why tweeters of your car are crackling.

The guide has been created to assist you with fixing your vehicle tweeters crackling initiate with the extremely basics. If there is still any other question if your tweeters’ cracking is not fixed, at that point let me know.  


it means the sound sign sent to the tweeter isn’t clean. That will result in the distortion to be listening to the higher volumes, which make your tweeters crackle at the higher volume levels. Ensure you adjust the equalizer on your car stereo system and turn to modify the addition until the crackle end.  


It should be set up on the car stereo and tweeter amp. Switch on high pass filter and rest this to 80HZ. The tweeters normally crackle since the bass is being derived to them because of the nature of the structure they cannot play bass therefore the voice coil begins to crackle. 

It is the reason tweeters have a little capacitor associated with them or the different crossover box by the mid-range car speaker to filter out the bass and just permit to play the vocals.  


You may be sending extra power to your tweeter than this can handle. The tweeters do not require a lot of power to perform. Ensure the RMS of tweeters is equivalent or just about what amp you are utilizing can result. 

If its approach to powerful. Then, refuse to increase the setting partially to decrease the amount of sign which is being transferred to the tweeter. It will detune vehicle amplifier output so it does not overwhelm the tweeter.

If you have correct instructions then fixing the crackling of your car tweeters is quite simple to do. If the above investigation is completed and your tweeters are still cracking at that point they are probably blown. 

It can occur due to past inappropriate use and continuing damaging has happened. Simply make sure to set up accurate the first time therefore they do not cause issues later on.               

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