How to Test For a Short in The Speaker Wires?

Do you want to know how to test for a short in the speaker wires?


The speakers will be able to generate the best sound when attached to the amplifier with the heavy wire of speaker in the straight length possible.

If the wires are connected securely in the exact phase alignment however the speakers actually do not generate the right sound, there might be a break anywhere along the line. To know how to test for a short in the speaker wires is a very easy process.    

First step:

Turn off power to your speakers.

Second step:

Remove a wire of speaker from the amplifier and the speaker. You might be required to flip or unscrew a lever at its terminal posts for releasing ends of the wire.

Third step:

Turn wire leads at the one end of cable together.

Fourth step:

Assemble the voltmeter for utilize. Change meter to “Ohm” setting.

Connect all of the voltmeter probes to the cable lead at the untwisted ending. In case of wire has the continuity, the meter must show reading in the range of 2-to 8-ohms. If meter examines zero then there is a break or short in the wire.    

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