How to Identify Positive and Negative Speaker Wires?

You have arrived at this site to know how to identify positive and negative speaker wires?


Follow the below-mentioned points to understand how to identify positive and negative speaker wires?

Wires of Speaker

The speaker wire terminates finally in the leads, 2 separate wires are connected to negative and positive terminals at the rear side of the speaker and corresponding the connection to an amplifier or receiver.

While some speaker wires are sold by the colour-coded protection to recognize negative and positive, these wires are identical themselves. 

First Step

Utilize wire of speaker with 2 various coloured strands. Generally, colour combination incorporates black and yellow, copper and silver.  

Second Step

Decide that which of the 2 leads can be utilized for the positive connections. At that point reliably connect the wire to every positive terminal at receiver and speaker equipment.

Such as, if you purchase the wire of speaker with yellow and black strands, you may assign yellow as wire lead used for positive connections.

Third Step

The wire of speaker that has identical insulation over 2 strands must be stripped around ½-inch from the tops so you are able to recognize the colour of wire.

Regularly, the wire of speaker that shows the same colour on insulation contains 2 wire strands of various colours normally copper and silver. For this situation, select a wire colour for negative and positive connections.

Fourth Step     

Mark one of leads by a bit of the cellophane tape to assign this as either negative or positive if the wires and insulation underneath are the same in colour.

Fifth Step

Join the lead marked positive to the positive terminal on backside of the speaker and backside of the receiver.

Make sure you keep line-level through running the fingers alongside the length of the wire of your speaker so this doesn’t wind as you arrive other ends to join this to the equipment. It could reason inadvertent wire crossing.

Sixth Step  

Remain consistent with every connection to stop crossed wires which decrease the performance of your speaker, damage stereo sound as well as might reason short.  

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