How to Fix Subwoofer Distortion?

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I think you want to know How to Fix Subwoofer Distortion?


Vehicle subwoofers can sound distorted also speakers at the high volumes due to having of the dirty sign wave originating from output resource which is feeding its power.

With the subwoofers, this can be difficult to figure out when its bass distorts as this can be on high or lower notes and as well sometimes this is able to be track dependent.

Fixing the distortion of the subwoofer at the high levels of volume there are a couple of things which you can helps you to minimize it.      


To decrease the level of bass on your stereo. What a few people do is turn your bass right on the vehicles equalizer settings thoughts they will get additional output.

Frequently this makes head unit work into distorting more quickly. So why not turn this down to decrease bass distortion at the higher volume.


Switch off the set of the bass booster on your amp. If the vehicle amp has setting empowered to the highest level this will reason a distorted sign in at case. We strongly suggest that do not utilize this feature except you actually need to.


Tune the addition control appropriately. You should remember it isn’t a volume control; actually, this is utilized to equivalent the volts from RCA wire which is originating from stereo with the amp. To turn this as far as the way up with no hears to how this influences the sound isn’t a smart idea.

You should need to do is rotate this right down, to play the song track from your car stereo as well as gradually increase this stopping while hearing distortion support this down slightly.

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