How Do Subwoofers Work in a Car?

I think you want to learn how do subwoofers work in a car?


A long time back, the public thought that subwoofers were fairly unique equipment just extraordinary hi-fi fans were concerned in. in any case, things are changed over the times. Presently the subwoofers are viewed as the most important part of the advanced sound system.  

The subwoofers are crucial hi-fi component of every best house theatre setup since they improve the sound with much necessary “Blast”. The subwoofers boom thunder, rumbles, explosions, and deep lows enlivening the music.

Subwoofers perform well for getting you a full taste of the music and the experience genuine sounds. Moreover, they are made in different designs for making the interior design more gorgeous.

In this article, I am going to clarify how subwoofers work plus why you require one.

What is a Subwoofer?      

Shorty, the subwoofer is a type of speaker made to reproduce extremely low bass frequencies 20Hz to 125Hz. You will able to feel sounds as much hear them at the low bass frequencies.

The people utilize subwoofers for getting amazing sound punches and rumbles normally found in the movies or music videos, especially dramatic impacts relating to crashes and explosions.

.1, 2.1, and 5.1

Do you recognize why the speakers are marked 5.1 or 2.1?

5.1 mean that 5 speakers are with a sub. Similarly, 2.1 means 2 speakers are with a subwoofer. The subwoofers exactly do not count to be an entire speaker, therefore it is referred to like .1, as this does not put out similar rang of frequency as different speakers.

The subwoofer size

The subwoofers are made relatively bigger in the size, between 8-inches and 15-inches in the measurement, and find in the enclosures of the various sizes. Through a longer throw, a bigger speaker measurement cuts the high response of frequency.

The subwoofer occupies a little more space in your listening area because of the bigger diameter of speaker and box/enclosure that suited it.  

Highs, Mids & Lows   

You will have to understand the basic sound’s nature to know that how a subwoofer works. There are 3 sounds’ layer-highs, mids and lows. Low-frequency bass observes such as the beat of the bass drum. The middle frequency sounds such as a guitar, a singer’s voice.

The highs are higher frequency of sounds such as certain nuances of the guitars and different clashing sounds or ringing or instruments. The subwoofers put out the sounds of low frequency; they produce better, clearer bass than what standard speakers deliver. This is a unique design to produce low-frequency bass/sounds.

The subwoofer decreases strain on speaker ability to create lows, mids and highs; without this, the sounds get jumbled. 

You must get a subwoofer with different components of the system for making this reproduce bass such as the remainder of speakers deal with highs and mids. 

Kinds of the Subwoofer

There are 2 kinds of subwoofer active and passive. 

Every one of them have some disadvantage and advantage, let’s examine in the detail.

The Passive Subwoofer

The passive sub is a woofer in the enclosure driven through an external amp. In this type of passive subwoofer, the similar stereo amp that drives the basic speakers gives power to subwoofer. Full-range of output from the power an amplifier is an input to a subwoofer in the method.

For this situation, an additional crossover in the signal path is utilized for removing the bass from speaker-level signals driving primary speakers.   

Additionally, the crossover is not utilized in few subwoofers which extend the bass response with no filtering bass from driving the signal to the primary speaker; in this manner, this does not boost up handling the power of the primary speakers.

In case you require utilizing a passive subwoofer, we recommend that you include a different power amplifier and the electronic crossover for the subwoofer. Because this will increase the dynamic range of your system, keeping the principle speaker amp free from the load of the driving subwoofer.

Powered Subwoofer

The Powered subwoofer is the woofer in the cabinet with the own line-level crossover and preamp/amplifier. This kind of subwoofer has the line-level sources fed from the preamplifier, the line-level outputs drive power amplifier and the volume control.

Its crossover frequency will be able to adjust to permits you choose the frequency, giving the perfect integration with primary speakers, and its line-level output is cleaned through removing the low frequencies from a signal. Its amplifier drives woofer and then preamplifier hosts of the helpful tasks.

The subwoofer’s designs 

Subwoofers have 3 designs ported, isobaric and sealed box designs. 

The Sealed Box

The sealed box subs are cleanest and basic subwoofer box design. To isolate the rear of the speaker from front, this sealed box gives easy construction as well as a controlled response for the majority of the subwoofer applications. Then you will be able to get well-defined, tight bass if this is well manufactured.

Ported Box 

The ported box subwoofer has a hole in it that is known as a port. The ported subwoofer is able to create lower bass tones for each watt input than the non-ported subwoofer.

The vent/port of this enhances output at the specific frequencies. I recommend that you follow the specifications of the manual speaker for optimizing output as well as stop harm to the speaker.

The isobaric Box       

 The isobaric box subs are developed for getting the highest bass from a little space. This is an exclusive type of the box where 2 woofers are utilized. The coupled together for working just like a single woofer with the twice as lots of the pushing power.

The major advantage of this subwoofer is its volume, for its enclosure necessity for the design is partially size of sealed box for a speaker that means you will have incredible bass from a little space. However, you will have to buy a double quantity of the speakers as well as power every one like it was playing through itself. 

Therefore, you need dual power as well as gel generally output just like from one speaker. The isobaric boxes have different varieties such as magnet to magnet, cone to magnet, and cone to cone. 

Deflection of the Bass     

For your house theatre setup, you are able to hide your subwoofer from see-through setting in the corners where its bass can redirect off the wall. It’s one of the exciting things is that its sound performs perfectly as this redirects off something.  

While the subwoofer will be on, you cannot actually say that where this is set or where the bass goes from. In this way, the sound is not as directional as a customary speaker.

This is uniquely designed for tricking the ears. If the other speaker and subwoofer are on, subwoofer anyplace in the listening room appears to sound just like other speakers creating bass. Whereas, the subwoofer’s putting out low frequencies since one corner.

Finally, I want to wind up that including subwoofer to every stereo setup. That has a fantastic effect by making the hear sounds you have never heard. Since standard speakers cannot deliver them. Therefore, rediscover your favourite songs once more with a subwoofer, permitting your sound setup to sound in a different way.