How Do Speakers Get Damaged by Playing too Loud?

Do you want to know how do speakers get damaged by playing too loud??


If your speakers will be treated appropriately then speakers will be able to perform for quite a long time, though there can be a few wear & tear problems because these are moving devices. We get lots of puzzled customers with damaged speakers. How could this occur” Common issues:

Bad wiring

In cabling to speakers, in the speaker cabinet, from the amplifier, in structure would all be able to cause transients and irregular signal which can damage your speaker. 

Under or Overpowering

You may have 1000-Watts of the speaker, however, if you utilize a 50-Watts of the amplifier with the volume turned up the maximum that the halfway, this will create a clipping or square wave and this will be an awful signal which damages voice coil.

Turning the Amplifier

Turning amplifier on with the volume turned up extra transient damaged.

Using Outside

You will not be able to get similar volume from the speakers outside as you can get inside. In case you try to compensate through turning up the volume then you will be able to go clip signal.

The specialists at the Sweetwater have this right as they declare “Outside gigs need minimum 12-dB” (16x’s Power) greater sound output than the inside and as more as the 20-dB (100x’s power) for exactly doing this accurate.

Power Surges

The power flow from electric organization turns on the volume with the power-up very high and intermittent cabling etc.

Feedback at the higher volume

It causes the single frequency to the amp for long period overheating voice coil.   

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